George Floyd Murder: Trial begins for Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis, MN

Former Police Officer Derek Chauvin is one of four police officers involved in the “murder” of George Floyd.  The trial begins.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (STL.News) The trial of a former Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, begins following the death of George Floyd 10 months ago.

Sky’s Sally Lockwood looks ahead to what we can expect.

Many are making this case about race, but others feel that it is the system against the people.  Will the courts manipulate the system to protect a member of their team?

As political tensions are already escalated due to race and economic issues, this trail will likely change America forever.  The question and fear are will the change be good or bad.

The video is shockingly sad as police appear to have no remorse.  Excessive force is not a new allegation against police worldwide, but this exceeds previous levels tolerated by citizens.

Citizens worldwide are protesting, rioting, and rejecting governments as they feel that politicians have abused their authority or failed the people.  Refusing to be controlled by lockdowns and strict control as if they are animals.

Governments around the world have illustrated their lack of ability to protect and serve their people.  The timing of this case couldn’t have come at a more inappropriate time.