France Crisis: Speaking out about child sexual abuse within the family

(STL.News) As #France continues to grapple with how a top academic who allegedly sexually abused his stepson for years was able to act with impunity, we speak to Michael Salter, Associate Professor of Criminology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.  He says coercive sexual relationships with children were “the dark side of the sexual revolution” and that it’s vital to understand that sexual abuse of minors happens across all sectors of society.  “Child sexual abuse is a public health crisis,” he tells us.

The world is spiraling into prehistoric times as the pandemic lock-down has challenged social, political, and economic fronts around the world.  Children have been among the most impact by the pandemic with lack of education, and now exposed to sex abuse frequently created by drug and alcohol abuse.  Political leaders around the world have failed their citizens.  Medical professionals have met their challenge to uphold their projected claims of state-of-the-art-healthcare.  The truth of the matter is that the biggest enemy now, is not the virus.  It is the people and how we deal with this pandemic.  Politician have politicized the pandemic.  Certain industry have used it for profit.  The cost will lie on us; the people.  When kids are subjected to this type of abuse, societies have failed.  This exceeds all definations of insanity!  World leaders need to step up, take action and lead or be honest about whether they can do their jobs.  Thus far, most, if not all have failed.

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