Florida Heroin Traffickers, Macros Deems, Sean McCann, Sentenced to Decades in Prison

TALLAHASSEE, FL (STL.News) – Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody today announced lengthy prison sentences for two heroin traffickers.  Attorney General Moody’s Office of Statewide Prosecution secured the sentencing of Marcos Deems and Sean McCann for their roles in a heroin trafficking operation.  Deems and McCann were each convicted on one count of conspiracy to commit trafficking in heroin.  Wednesday, Lee County Circuit Judge Bruce Kyle sentenced Deems to 25 years in prison and McCann to 20 years in prison.  There is an arrest warrant out for Erik Nunez-Nino, who fled the jurisdiction of the court.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “As we fight the opioid crisis on multiple fronts, we must continue to hold responsible anyone trafficking heroin in Florida.  This case is a prime example of how we are doing that.  Working with our great law enforcement partners, like the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, my Statewide Prosecutors are locking up drug traffickers and removing deadly opioids from Florida streets.”

On March 24, 2016, detectives uncovered that Nunez-Nino planned to drop narcotics at an agreed-upon location where McCann would take possession.  Deems served as the go-between, relaying logistic information to McCann. Detectives intercepted the narcotics and later confirmed the substance to be more than 27 grams of heroin.

The investigation began in the fall of 2015, when Lee County Sheriff’s Office investigators started looking into potential drug sales and trafficking conducted by a group of individuals, including Nunez-Nino.  Investigation into Nunez-Nino’s activities led to the identification of Deems and McCann as additional traffickers.

Investigators learned of the group’s illicit activities by a court-approved wiretap warrant, allowing law enforcement to monitor the telephone conversations of Deems, McCann, and Nunez-Nino.