Fire Watch Guards – What Services Can You Expect For Special Event Security?

(STL.News) If your business needs fire watch services, you should hire a company that can send highly trained guards to your location.  These guards are trained to spot potential fire hazards and ensure your fire suppression systems are in working condition.

In addition, they can help save lives by assisting people in their evacuation and assisting first responders.  They also keep logs of their patrols and share them with insurance providers and local code enforcement.


Fire watch guards are an additional layer of security for special events.  They protect people and property from fires

by checking that the alarm system, sprinkler systems, and fire exits are working correctly.

These security professionals also check for deteriorating wiring, trash bins filled with combustible materials, or overheating machinery.  If any of these issues are discovered, the guard alerts management.

They’re also trained to help first responders communicate and provide staging areas for the rescue.  Moreover, nationwide fire watch guards have CPR training and can treat injured people until emergency responders arrive.

These services are essential for special events and construction sites.  They help prevent a massive fire outbreak from spreading, minimizing damage and saving lives.

Checking the Fire Extinguishers

Fire watch guards perform regular inspections to check fire extinguishers and equipment and all exits at a facility.  This helps them become familiar with the risks and potential hazards and ensures everyone has a safe way to escape an emergency.

During this process, they’ll also check for any fire hazards and notify first responders when necessary.  This prevents the spread of a fire and saves lives on site.

When checking a fire extinguisher, look for the tamper seal and safety pin.  These can be easily damaged or misplaced, which could lead to accidental discharge.

Also, check the pressure gauge, a small, round gauge with a needle indicator.  A needle within the green zone means the fire extinguisher is properly pressurized and ready to use.  A red zone indicates that the extinguisher is undercharged or needs a recharge.

Evacuation Assistance

Fire watch guards help ensure your building is safe for people to evacuate in case of a fire.  They’re highly trained to recognize and mitigate potential hazards, and they will conduct regular patrols of the property.

They’ll also check fire extinguishers and other safety devices to ensure they work correctly.  They’ll also keep a list of any suspicious activity and report it to the authorities if necessary.

When a fire occurs, these guards will alert the local authorities and assist with evacuation.  They’ll check exits and guide occupants to the nearest fire station.

These services are essential for businesses that don’t have fire alarms, sprinkler systems, or water supplies running at all times.  They’re also helpful when construction work or other events occur at a property requiring temporary protection.

Fire watch personnel are always attending emergency training to stay up-to-date on various fire emergencies.  They will also regularly conduct fire drills to practice responding to a fire situation.


Fire watch guards can be an invaluable resource for businesses that operate in high-risk areas.  They can provide a fresh perspective and specific expertise that helps organizations avoid costly fines and penalties for failing to comply with fire safety regulations.

Besides monitoring hot work areas, fire watch guards can check a building’s fire extinguishers and smoke alarm systems to ensure they’re in working order.  These safety tools save lives and demonstrate a business’s commitment to protecting people.

As part of their duties, fire watch guards patrol the premises and inspect exits for possible blockages or other obstacles that could prevent a safe evacuation.  They also record essential information such as equipment checks, malfunctioning fire alarms or sprinkler systems, and the time and location of patrols in a log book.

Fire watch guards can also coordinate their work with first responders to ensure all evacuation procedures are completed, and everyone is safely removed from the building or site.  They can help create staging areas, establish communication channels, and help ensure that all people have access to essential medical care if needed.