From Faxes to iPhones: Movoto is the New Face of Real Estate

From Faxes to iPhones: Movoto is the New Face of Real Estate

LOS ANGELES/February 13, 2018 (STLRealEstate.News) When broker Jackie Valenzuela of Los Angeles, California, felt like switching to a new brokerage, she wasn’t sure where to go. The older brokerages didn’t seem to fit the bill—perhaps there were some nagging doubts about their technological wherewithal—so she looked to Alexandra Tieu, Movoto’s Los Angeles Head Area Broker, who recently left her main brokerage.

“She jumped ship to Movoto and talked to me about it, and I did some research on them as well—I liked the history of Movoto. They started as a lead generation company, like others, but then they established themselves as brick-and-mortar brokerages too. I like the fact that the inception of Movoto was tech, still is tech and will be tech,” says Valenzuela, who just joined Movoto as a Broker Associate.

When Valenzuela made the jump to Movoto, she was pleased to see the brokerage was serious about technology—especially since technology in real estate is the future.

“Technology has taken a real hold on the whole real estate industry. It’s harder for mom-and-pop shops, in terms of the tech aspect of it, to stay afloat. So, it’s nice to have the backing of a brokerage that’s so on target with what’s needed, technologically and otherwise, in our industry,” says the L.A.-born Valenzuela.
As a plus, joining up with Movoto wasn’t a headache.

“The transition was super easy. The lead generation is great. The technology they have in place makes the whole lead generation process feel really easy and really cool. It was easy and exciting to join,” she says.

The evolving world of real estate has been dependent on agents having the right kinds of tools and programs at their disposal. And at a personal level, agents need protection from branding themselves as an agent of one agency, and one agency only, as well as protection from signing up with a brokerage stuck in the Stone Age.

“Real estate has always been around, but, technologically speaking, the telephone came out some 140 years ago. Faxes came out over 30 years ago. Those inventions, they’ve all played a big role in real estate. It’s imperative to be up to date on technology to be successful in this business,” says Valenzuela. “You have to align yourself with a company that’s leading the way in that and also open to different technologies to help it grow. I think Movoto helps with that. They have these great plans with both technology and agent.”

Movoto allows agents to keep their personal brand but also keep their identity. Because who wants to be stuck with a brand that’s going out of style?

“With some traditional companies, you’re just their agent, and you can’t really deviate from that. But at Movoto, their pay structure is completely different. I love Movoto because they’re incorporating the old with the new. They keep some of the traditional things but they have an up-to-date spin on it,” says Valenzuela.

About Movoto

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Movoto is expanding to click-and-mortar locations in California to provide their customers: home buyers and sellers, agents and brokers with unmatched services and technology solutions. For more information see our news and press resources and real estate market trends. Sell your home with Movoto or search for available homes for sale.


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