Esco Technologies, Inc, St. Louis, Missouri

ESCO Technologies Inc. manufacturers engineered systems and products sold to clients for utility, industrial, aerospace, and industrial uses. ESCO is a publicly-traded company located in St. Louis, Missouri that trades on the NYSE stock exchange, ticker; ESE.

The Business operates through four sections: Filtration/Fluid Flow (Filtration), RF Shielding and Evaluation (Evaluation), Utility Solutions Group (USG), and also Technical Packaging.  The Evaluation section actions are handled by its subsidiaries, Beijing Lindgren ElectronMagnetic Technology Co., Ltd., ETS-Lindgren Inc., and ETS-Lindgren OY.  The USG department actions are managed by its affiliates, including Doble Engineering Company, Doble PowerTest Ltd, and also Doble TransiNor AS.  The technical packing activities are all handled by its subsidiaries, Thermoform Engineered Quality LLC (TEQ), Plastique Limited, and also Plastique Sp. z o.o.

ESCO Technologies, Inc.
9900 Clayton Road, Suite A
St. Louis, Missouri USA 63124
Phone: +1 314-213-7200

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