Countries are debating whether Putin committed war crimes?

Countries are debating whether Putin committed war crimes?  Seriously?

(STL.News) As politicians worldwide and news media are debating whether or not Putin committed war crimes.  Politicians are swimming in their ocean of BS.  Putin is killing innocent people, peaceful people, and target communities.  This is not a legal or political debate?

A communist country has invaded an independent nation that was not a threat.  Politicians have turned weak and/or stupid worldwide.  Are they looking for excuses not to defend democracy?  Are they scared to do their job of defending democracy and America?  We continue buying oil from a country that we are deciding whether or not their leader has committed war crimes?

Maybe a new set of investigations needs to take place as to what the real agenda is?  It is unbelievable that this is a debate and consideration.  Educated political BS needs to end and do what is right!

We can only hope that plans are being made behind the scene that can’t be disclosed.  We realize that this is a complicated situation, but there are not many options of how to resolve this.  War will not be started.  A war has begun!  Words and laws won’t change this reality!  Ask the innocent people who have lost their loved ones in Ukraine.  Putin has an agenda, and it is not good!

The world needs to stop delaying and trying to find excuses not to react.  Responding to the largest humanitarian crisis of the century is critical.  Now is the time to be strong, not weak, hiding behind legalities and words.