Business Listings Revised for City Foundry STL

Three local directories have revised the listings on their networks for City Foundry STL.

ST LOUIS, MO (STL.News) The three local publications’ editors announced that they revised their business listings for City Foundry STL.

The City Foundry STL is a major development project with a food hall, shoppers, stores, offices, and more.

The food hall is our favorite section of the development.  Currently, there are eighteen restaurants there for visitors to choose from.  Some serve alcohol while others do not.

There are many options to choose from multiple restaurants like casinos and food courts at malls.

Ghost kitchens are popping up across the country, but most of them do not provide dine-in options.  Instead, they are designed for online ordering, delivery, or pick-up from multiple restaurants in one location.

The directories that have revised their business listings are:

  1. St. Louis Restaurant Review
  2. STL.Directory
  3. STL.News

Address and map:

3730 Foundry Way
St. Louis, Missouri 63110