Benefits of Adding a Home Elevator

(STL.News) Elevators do not only just add value to your home, but they can also increase the long-term functionality of it as well.  Making permanent changes to the interior of your home can become so specific that it affects resale.  In the case of a home elevator you end up on the positive end of that spectrum.  Simplifying mobility and making every area in your home more easily accessible gives you the opportunity to age in place as the current occupant as we as show buyers when that time comes that that option exists for them as a result of having the benefit of a home elevator.

Increased Resale Value

Home elevators will attract more potential buyers, as well as add volume to your home, thus increasing sale price.  Reputable brands like Stiltz home elevators gives buyers that brand reassurance that they are looking for regarding major aspect of their home search.  Knowing that something as significant as a home elevator system came from a trusted brand also gives home buyers an obvious outlet for any questions or service needs, they might experience once they take over occupancy of the home.  Products that are created by well-known brands provide the consumer with a proven history of success.  By installing a Stiltz home elevator in your home you are adding value in more ways than just monetary. You are giving yourself the benefit of a trusted brand now and extending that to your listing when the time comes to sell.  An easily searchable name allows potential buyers to do their own research as well, and make decisions based off what they discover, which is why you doing the same research on the front end is essential.

Extended Livability

A house is a structure with four walls, but a home is the life and memories created inside it.  Many people do not want to spend the last chapter of their life outside the home that they spent a lifetime creating.  Installing a home elevator system gives people with decreased mobility the option to remain in their home longer than would be possible without one.  This installation also gives family members peace of mind that their loved ones have a safe option for mobility.  Stairs are a common source of concern regarding aging in place, and the installation of a home elevator alleviates that concern completely.  The option to make an improvement by retrofitting for an elevator system also exists, which means that you do not have to have or build a new home to be able to take advantage of this option.

Enhanced Convenience

A huge benefit of a home elevator system is convenience.  Especially in homes that have multiple levels, a home elevator adds value by creating ease of living.  Transporting everyday items like groceries can be tiresome and physically demanding, a home elevator eliminates that exhaustion.  Also, when the more isolated occasions like vacations with a lot of luggage, or moving furniture around the home, pop up you do not even have to think about how to move these items between levels.