Al Jazeera News is a global media company with 80 bureaus around the globe.

Al Jazeera is a Qatari, state-funded news broadcaster located in Doha, Qatar.  The Al Jazeera Media Network owns it.  In its beginning, it was an Arabic news satellite TV channel that reported current affairs.  Today, they have grown and own to include internet and television channels in several languages.

Al Jazeera is a global news organization that includes 80 or more news bureaus around the globe.  It grew as a result of the War in Afghanistan, which they covered life and was the only news organization to do so.

Being a state-funded organization, critics have accused them of supporting the Qatari government, but it claims to maintain its editorial independence.  Also accused of promoting Islamist perspectives to promote the Muslim Brotherhood.  They have insisted it covers all sides of a debate.  However, other media networks have supported the network.

STL.News views Al Jazeera as a critical source but warns readers to exercise caution regarding “all” news sources.  Hidden agendas are possible within this industry.