Ukraine War Update – World News

Artillery, Ammo, Anti-Ship Missiles in New US Aid for Ukraine – Russian Missiles Hit Sumy, Donestsk

Ukraine has ignored a Russian ultimatum to surrender the embattled eastern city of Severodonetsk.  Russia fired missiles at several Ukrainian regions, including Donetsk Oblast and Sumy Oblast.  Ukraine’s General Staff claims that its counteroffensive can end by September if the country gets all the weapons it has demanded.  Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky said the country is very close to achieving EU membership status.  Ukraine claims that Russian billionaires and companies are circumventing Western sanctions by making use of Georgian entities.  The US will provide Ukraine with another $1 billion to help the country amid Russia’s assault in the eastern Donbas region.  Two American volunteers in Ukraine have gone missing and are feared to have been taken prisoner by Russia, US officials said.  The leaders of the European Union’s three biggest countries, Germany, France, and Italy, are in Kyiv on June 16.