Putin puts Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s office says it will hold talks with Russian officials at the border with Belarus.  Russia says its delegation has flown in for the talks.  It’s not clear when negotiations might begin.

In other developments, President Vladimir Putin has put Russia’s nuclear forces on alert to escalate tensions with the West.  The US has accused him of ‘manufacturing threats.’

Fighting continues on the ground in Ukraine.  Russian forces have attacked fuel depots, and there are reports of explosions outside the capital Kyiv.  The mayor says there are no Russian troops in the city.  Battles are still going on around other population centers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has put his ‘deterrence forces’ – including nuclear-armed forces – on high alert.

In a video speech distributed by the Kremlin, Putin said that NATO powers had made aggressive statements toward Russia.  He also cited economic sanctions that will cut off major Russian banks from international transactions.