Day 14 events of war in Ukraine

Warning!  Before watching this video, make certain that you are mentally and emotionally prepared!  Russia and Putin are monsters!

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said children had been buried under rubble after a Russian airstrike hit a hospital in Mariupol, warning the West that millions could die if the world does not act now.

The governor of Donetsk region said 17 people, including women giving birth, were wounded in the airstrike, which he claimed happened during an agreed ceasefire period to allow civilians to safely escape.

NOTE: The world leaders need to stop being scared weaklings.  It is a sin to set on the sidelines and allow the world to be held hostage by a tyrant that is senselessly killing children and mothers.  For world leaders to use Putin’s nuclear threats as an excuse to not act is NOT leadership.  World leaders that allow this misery to continue are not leaders and need to resign.  It is the responsibility of the world to end this war now.  The world needs to take over Russia and put Putin where he belongs.