UK News: Headteacher says she has concerns for school children

(STL.News) UK News – headteacher, Bridget Harrison said she is concerned about children’s education and lockdown is proving “really challenging for everyone”.  Similar debates are occuring worldwide as teachers refuse to work or are required to lockdown to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Educators and politicians around the world are struggling with an overwhelming number of issues ranging from required lockdowns to teachers refusing to work for self-serving reasons using the virus as a cover is being alleged by many parents.

People worldwide need to stop fighting and calm down and return to cooperation.  Studying the facts, face reality and use common sense to figure out what the best options are for the “new norm” that is continued to be used from most of the governments around the world.   Lack of common sense might very well be the end of society, not caused by the virus, but due to our ignorance.

Wikipedia page – COVID-19 pandemic in UK

YouTube video provided courtesy of sky news