President Trump Salutes Military, Highlights Commitment to Increased Defense Spending

WASHINGTON (STL.News) President Donald J. Trump today thanked the men and women of the military for their service and highlighted his commitment to increased defense spending and national security in a speech at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California.

Service members have the love and support of the American people, Trump said at the start of his address.  He thanked military families for backing their loved ones, saying none of what the military does would be possible without that support.

Inspiration to Young Americans

Speaking at an air hangar, the president commended the Marines in the audience for their bravery and commitment, saying they are an inspiration to countless young Americans who dream of serving in that military branch.

“Your devotion fills our allies and our families with confidence,” Trump said.  “Your courage fills our enemies with dread.”

Marines, he said, are faithful to mission and country and have a legendary heritage — the first into battle and the first to fight.  “Marines never give up, never give in, never retreat and never ever surrender,” the president said.

Trump noted that commanders in Afghanistan have been empowered with the authorities they need to win, “enabling the full might of the American military.”  Meanwhile, he said, the coalition to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has liberated nearly 100 percent of the territory previously held by the terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

“Your service has been extraordinary,” Trump said, applauding those in the audience who recently returned from deployment.  “We won’t let up until ISIS is completely destroyed.”

Commitment to Peace through Strength

The commander in chief underscored his commitment to modernization and investments in military people and equipment and in national security.  “The Trump administration is committed to a policy of peace through strength,” he said, pointing out that the recent budget deal put an end to sequestration spending cuts.

“We’re now undertaking the largest military buildup since Ronald Reagan and one of the largest buildups we’ve ever had in the history of our nation,” he said, noting that last year he requested and received an additional $21 billion to address urgent readiness shortfalls.

“The two-year budget agreement I just reached with Congress will provide $700 billion in defense funding this year, the largest ever — larger by far than any country has ever spent,” he said.

Next year, defense funding will be $716 billion, he said.

Investments in the Military

Trump highlighted a number of areas of investment, including with new F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighters and CH-53K King Stallion helicopters.  He discussed the modernization of U.S. nuclear capabilities, rebuilding of the nuclear infrastructure, investments in hypersonic weapon systems, and the focus on space as a warfighting domain.

“We’re also investing in our greatest weapon of all, our most powerful weapon, our most beautiful weapon, our most brilliant weapon: you,” he said, pointing out to the service members in the hangar.  He added that he seeks to give them their largest pay raise in more than a decade next year, a comment met by applause and cheers.

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AP Newsminute for March 13, 2018 – AM Version

(STL.News) The Associated Press produces the AP Newsminute twice each day highlighting major news topics.

Highlighted topics for this AP Newsminute are:

  • House Intel. Committee Republicans prepare a draft report that concludes that the Trump Campaign did NOT collude with the Russians, naturally, creating anger among the Democrats.
  •  More bad weather approaching the NE.
  • Austin, Texas – three package bombs have been linked together.
  • Pennsylvania Congressional District Special Election Tuesday – Republican Rick Saccone v Democrat Conor Lamb.

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Missouri Senate Passes Bill Raising the Age of Juvenile Prosecution

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (STL.News) The Missouri Senate gave approval to a bill that would raise the cutoff age, from 17 to 18, for which most criminal offenses are prosecuted in juvenile courts.  That proposal, Senate Bill 793, now heads to the Missouri House of Representatives for further consideration.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Impressive and Infuriating

(STL.News) They say that nobody makes better-looking phones than Samsung Electronics but according to the Wall Street Journal, there are pluses and minuses to the new Galaxy S9 and S9+.  Last year’s Galaxy S8 was glassy and stark with that “infinity display” stretching almost entirely across the front.  It was thoughtfully designed and as a result, it flew off the shelves.

So what did they change in the nine versions?  A company spokeswoman said they did a nip and tuck, not changing the things that people already love.  The S9’s updates include a smaller bezel, brighter screen, faster processor and relocated fingerprint reader.

Samsung also added a large number of new gimmicky features crammed into it so there’s something to show on commercials and not all are so good reports Wall Street reports.

Most of Samsung’s engineering this time around went into the camera.  The S9 and S9+ both have 12-megapixel cameras on the back, and the S9+ adds a second camera for taking photos with more zoom.

Where the S9 stands out most is in bad lighting, like at a dimly lit concert. That’s because the S9’s camera has an actual mechanical aperture that controls the amount of light allowed into the camera lens, which in turn controls how bright your photo can be. Shooting at a super-bright f/1.5, as the S9 does by default in low light, gives you a decent photo.

Samsung’s track record for software changes is a bit rockier reports the Wall Street Journal. An example is using the S9’s selfie camera to create an emoji in your likeness. The features don’t work as well as similar ones on an iPhone or in Snapchat. Everyone’s emoji looks similar and the faces move badly.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new phones can capture video in the slowest-mo you’ve ever seen on a smartphone: 960 frames per second, four times the iPhone’s, but it’s hard to capture exactly the right moment at that speed, and you can’t change what you’ve captured after the fact.

Basically, Samsung crammed too many options and modes into the S9’s camera. It takes at least a half-dozen swipes to get through all the capture modes, and finding the right sticker or ISO setting takes forever.

If you already have an S8, the Journal reports you aren’t missing much and don’t need to spend roughly $800 for the S9 or upward of $900 for the S9+ when they hit stores this month. Almost anyone else will welcome the upgrade.

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Michigan nursing home employee allegedly abusing a resident caught on camera

(STL.News) A hidden camera captures a Michigan nursing home employee allegedly abusing a resident.

Warning, this video is disturbing.  Unfortunately, according to the National Council on Aging more than 5 million senior citizens are abused annually.  Additionally, these abusive situations creates a 300% higher risk of death.

The video has sparked a overwhelming amount of comments on YouTube as people are making statements making statements suggesting that the nurse should be charged and jailed.  Some comments are violent.

For example; A comment posted by a person that uses the name of “GentelmanXCreed” saying, “Someone find her and body slam her onto the curb”.

While we do not support people using violence to fight violence.  One has to hope that local Michigan prosecutors will investigate and prosecute using maximum penalties.  Families have entrusted their loved one to this facility.

According to the nursing home the employee has been fired and existing employees are receiving additional training.

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Chris Cornell – widow Vicky Cornell talks about Chris’s addiction to prescription drugs

(STL.News) Rocker, Chris Cornell‘s widow, Vicky Cornell talks openly, expressing her belief that her husbands cocktail of prescription drugs (7 prescriptions found in his body) caused him to end his life.

In order to help prevent other families from experiencing this terrible event, Vicky has joined a team to create the Addiction Resource Center.

Questions – how many people must die before laws are changed?  Is the health care industry to blame?  Should there be more accountability of the health care industry and those that prescribe these medications?  Given the level of impairment that some prescriptions cause, are individuals expected to be responsible to be administering their prescriptions?

About Chris and Vicky Cornell

Chris Cornell (1964-2017) was the chief architect of the 90s-grunge movement and remains one of the best voices of all time having achieved multi-platinum success with three legendary bands – selling over 30 million records worldwide – Chris forged his own unique identity over 30-years as a Grammy® Award-winning, Golden Globe nominated singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer and lyricist.

Vicky Cornell, wife of Chris Cornell leads the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation, If Only, formed in 2012 to protect vulnerable children across the globe.  The foundation supports organizations that provide shelter and resources for homeless, abused and at risk youth, children living in refugee camps, victims of human trafficking and children impacted by addiction.

SOURCE: news/video obtained from Addiction Policy Forum and ABC nightline – published on STL.News by St. Louis Media, LLC.

It’s time for UK citizens to start planning your royal wedding celebrations

Holding a street party is a great way to get together with your neighbours to celebrate this special day

London, UK (STL.News) With just 3 months to go until the royal wedding, it’s time to start thinking about how you can join in the celebrations on 19 May.

Holding a street party is a great way to get together with your neighbours to celebrate this special day and we’re providing a handy guide to organising one, including helpful tips and steps to take.

Our online guidance helps bust popular myths and provides a useful checklist and practical advice for what is needed to anyone planning their own street party.

Did you know for example that you don’t need a music licence if you want to play music at your street party? Or that you don’t need to buy expensive road signs – you can lend or hire them.

Many councils, from Bromley to Salford, have already announced that they are waiving charges for street party road closures, making it easier and cheaper than ever to hold celebrations. The government is urging other councils to follow suit.

When communities come together, acting in partnership with businesses and voluntary organisations, they can achieve amazing things. As past events like the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympic Games have shown, these same communities can also throw hugely fun parties and this year’s celebrations look to be bigger and better than ever.

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Jake Berry MP said:

We’ve made it easier than ever for local residents from all backgrounds to come together to celebrate the royal wedding and we hope councils will get into the spirit by helping people wishing to organise street parties.

With the FA Cup final taking place on the same day, there’s never been a better reason to hold a street party and our updated guidance makes clear the steps residents need to take to ensure an enjoyable and safe day is had by all.

The number one tip from our guidance is to plan early by getting in touch with your council at least 4-6 weeks in advance.

The guidance includes a simple form people can use to let their local council know about their plans and information on how to apply for a road closure as well as information on playing music, insurance and fund raising.

Further information

More helpful tips, advice and support for organising a successful event can be found on the Street Party website and The Big Lunch website.

If you are not be able to arrange a road closure for street party, you can still have an informal ‘street meet’ on a driveway, parking area, front garden or end of a cul-de-sac that does not require permission from the council as it is on private land. See further information on street meets.

See the guidance on holding a street party. It is due to be updated very shortly.

CBS published the following video on February 13, 2018 on


SOURCE: news provided by GOV.UK via USPress.News – published on STL.News by St. Louis Media, LLC

Survivors of the Parkland School Shooting speak out

STL.News – Survivors of the Parkland School Shooting speak out demanding change in the nations gun laws.  It appears that this tragic act of insane violence has forced these innocent lives to grow up to lead the leaders of our nation, since our leaders are numb to the nation and its citizens lives.

While the students suffer emotionally, they found the strength calling out politicians for taking money from the NRA and demanded action on gun control.  These children have now turned into young leaders, having earned the right to be heard.  Let’s pray that the leaders will find the emotions to listen to their pain and offer the change these kids deserve and that our country needs.

While gun laws might be an important priority, maybe campaign reform would complement gun law reform eliminating what has corrupted our politics and society for generations; greed.  The cost of greed has brought our society to the edge of failure.

How bad must things get before things change?  Change that is so necessary that our young teenagers are paying severe emotional prices.  Even our teenagers can recognized the need for change?  It certainly doesn’t say much for the leadership of our country, regardless which party you belong to.

Watch more news videos HERE at STL.News.


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