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Social Media Distribution List – news and press release distribution channels

When publishing and distributing a press release on STL.News, your article will be distributed using three different distribution channels.  They are:

  • STL.News – press releases will be published and remain on STL.News indefinitely leaving your information for the public to view in the future.
  • Associated Press – as an option, we can enhance the distribution of your press release, for an additional fee, by utilizing our AP feed, which will publish your press release in AP Newsroom exposing your press release to a massive list of mid-west media professionals and organizations.
  • Search Engines – our website is highly optimized providing top-rankings with the search engines.  Every article is posted on it’s own blog page, which is optimized for maximum search engine visibility providing maximum visibility by those using the search engines for information and by our loyal readers.
  • Social Media – we have a social media network of multiple social media sites that your press release will be posted on.  Additionally, we are aggregated by some of the best blog aggregators in the world like, and RSS.News.
  • News Channels – in addition to our massive social media network, our news is distributed by major search engine news channels including Google NewsBing News, Apple News, and

Our content distribution is comprehensive.  Our job is to distribute information to the public and we take the responsibility serious.  We are constantly seeking additional distribution channels to enhance our online visibility.  As new channels surface, we will leverage those opportunities.

We charge $149.95 to distribute your press release on STL.News.  For an additional fee of $100.00, for a total cost of $249.95, we can distribute your press release using our news channels as well as the Associated Press distribution channels.  CLICK to publish your press release using STL.News.

Visit our website Navigation Page for more information and access to our comprehensive list of resourceful pages.  For the most comprehensive list of pages and post visit our sitemap.

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If you have something of public interest, submit a PRESS RELEASE.  Your news/press release will be shown on:

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  • Google News
  • Shared to our Social Media Audience
  • Emailed to our Email Subscribers

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