Nicole Galloway

Nicole Galloway is the current State Auditor of the state of MissouriGalloway assumed her current position in April of 2015 when appointed by Governor Jay Nixon.  Galloway is of the Democratic Party.  Before being appointed to her current position, the American politician served as Treasurer of Boone County, Missouri, for four years, from 2011 to 2015.

Personal Life of Nicole Galloway

Galloway is originally from St. Louis, Missouri.  More specifically, she is from Fenton, Missouri.  She was born on June 13, 1982, and is currently 35 years of age.  After graduating from high school, Galloway went on to obtain her bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and economics from the Missouri University of Science and Technology.  Following that, she went to study at the University of Missouri, where she obtained her master’s degree in business administration. Galloway also holds certifications as a Public Accountant and Fraud Examiner.

Galloway currently lives in Columbia, Missouri.  She is married to Jon Galloway, former press secretary to State Treasurer Clint Zweifel, and has three children, the last of which was born in January of 2017, named Joseph Nickels Galloway.

Boone County Treasurer

Galloway assumed the position of as Treasurer of Boone County, Missouri, in April of 2011.  Among her many responsibilities in this role included issuing revenue bonds and managing the county’s $100 million investment portfolio.  In 2012, Galloway also helped to develop a debt issuance policy.  In 2014, Galloway and others on her term distributed roughly $20,000 in unclaimed property.

In her position as Treasurer, Galloway also took part in the Missouri Technology Corporation and Missouri County Employees’ Retirement Fund, serving on the board.  Among the many things that Galloway fought for were helping same-sex couples.  More specifically, Galloway fought to ensure that same-sex spouses had benefits expanded upon.

Four years later, in April of 2015, Galloway resigned from her position as Treasurer of Boone County, with Kay Murray succeeding her.

State Auditor of Missouri – Nicole Galloway

When American politician Tom Schweich passed away, an opening was made for a new State Auditor of Missouri.  It was then that Governor Jay Nixon decided to appoint Galloway to the position.  In April of 2015, after stepping down from her position as Boone County Treasurer, Galloway was sworn into office as State Auditor.

In her new position of authority, Galloway had many goals she aimed to achieve, some of the largest being to hold others accountable for their actions and to increase cybersecurity, helping to protect her fellow Missouri residents.  She now manages a team of 115 each day, overseeing their actions and making steps towards her long-term goals in office.

The goal of the State Auditor’s office, in general, is to ensure that funds are being designed towards causes that help improve the effectiveness of Missouri government.  More precisely, it is aimed at helping the counties of Missouri that do not have auditors of their own, as well as some state agencies and the circuit court system.

Currently, Galloway and U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill are the only Democratic statewide officeholders in Missouri.  In 2018, their positions will be open for election.