Nebraska Governor: Colleges Should Reject Gender Identity Policies

LINCOLN, NE (STL.News) Governor Pete Ricketts issued a statement following news that the Nebraska State College System (NSCS) was considering policy changes regarding bathroom access and other gender identity issues.

“It’s very concerning to see that the Nebraska State College System is considering bringing such harmful and divisive policies to their campuses,” said Governor Ricketts.  “The policy under consideration would guarantee men access to women’s bathrooms, and would violate the First Amendment rights of folks on campus.  I strongly urge the Board of Trustees to vote to reject these policy changes at their upcoming meeting.”

To learn more about policies under consideration, information is available from the Nebraska Family Alliance by clicking here.

Contact information for the NSCS Board of Trustees can be found by clicking here.

The vote on policy changes is expected at the upcoming NSCS meeting on November 11, 2021.