Chesterfield, MO: Parkway School District – Second Semester Plan

(STL.News) Parkway School District released the following statement:

Dear Parkway Families and Staff,

The board of education has approved the following plans for our return to in-person learning for all students K-12.  This schedule begins on January 19 at the start of the second semester and continues through the remainder of the school year.

Our plan for the second semester

  • All students K-12 who have chosen in-person learning will attend school in-person for the second semester, which begins January 19.  Click here to see K-12 In-Person Second Semester Calendar and Daily Schedules.
  • The second-semester calendar includes some distance learning days.  For example, there are five distance learning days in the third quarter.  When we have a distance learning day, it will be on a Monday.  Distance learning days are primarily used for detailed cleaning of our schools and to complete contact tracing from the weekend.  Click here to learn more about distance learning days.
  • Based on feedback from students and teachers, distance learning days for high school students will be shortened and return to the 10 a.m. start time.  High school students in Virtual Campus will also have a shortened schedule on distance learning days.
  • K-8 students in Virtual Campus will continue on their current schedule for the remainder of the school year.
  • Preschool classes will continue to be open every day students are enrolled.

How we move forward together

As we return from the winter break and prepare for students to return, we must all do our part to take care of one another and ensure our activities and behaviors outside of school are also safe and contribute to the success of our students.

Our data, and regional data from other districts with in-person learning, show that schools are not significantly contributing to the community spread of COVID-19 due to the strong safety measures in place at school.  Even when schools are at full capacity with less social distancing, the vast majority of positive cases are traced back to transmission outside of school.  We must all be mindful of our activities outside of school.

We know we will continue to face challenges but we are committed to keeping our schools safe and open.  To learn more about our health and safety plans, visit our website here.

Where you can learn more

We have posted more information on our website here.  When we return from winter break and get closer to January 19, we know you may have more questions.  Our schools, teachers, and district support staff will all be available to support you and your family.

We are looking forward to a return to school for all students after winter break.  In the meantime, I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful, relaxing, and peaceful holiday season.


Dr. Keith Marty
Parkway Schools