Boston Police Arrest 2 Teens, Recover Gun & Drugs in 25 Cedar Street Mattapan

Boston, MA (STL.News) About 3:58 PM, on Thursday, August 13, 2020, officers assigned to District B-3 (Mattapan) responded to a radio call for a person with a gun at 18 Cedar Street in Mattapan.  Officers were advised that 3 males were sitting in a U-Haul and it looked as though the male in the passenger seat had a gun.  The males then went down the street and were seen entering the backyard of a white house.

As the officers arrived on scene, they observed a white house on the corner of Cedar Street and River Street.  As the officers were investigating this address, one of the officers observed a U-Haul cargo van parked in front of 25 Cedar Street.  The officer approached the van, determined that it was unoccupied, but the cargo compartment of the van contained a backpack and a pile of clothes.

The officers watched, they observed 3 males, all matching the description given by the 911 caller, exit from the area of the white house and walk towards the officers on Cedar Street.  The officers also observed one of the males take his right hand and “check” his waistband at least twice.  Due to the fact that all 3 males matched the description given by the caller, and that one of the males was performing a security check of his waistband, the officers believed that this male may be in possession of a firearm.

As the three males approached the U-Haul, one individual opened the driver side door to the van, while the other two males continued past. The officers verbally instructed the two males to stop, but they continued to walk away.  Fearing that one of the males was possibly in possession of a firearm performed a pat frisk of the front of his waistband and discovered a firearm.

Recovered from the second male was a plastic bag containing a total of 42 round blue pills, believed to be Oxycodone.

The firearm, an Atak Stalker 9mm PAK, was loaded with (1) live round of .380 ammunition in the chamber, and (0) remaining rounds in the magazine.

Officers arrested a 15-year-old male of Randolph, and charged him with Delinquent to Wit: Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Delinquent to Wit: Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Delinquent to Wit: Carrying a Loaded Firearm.

A 17-year-old male of Quincy, was also arrested and charged with Delinquent to Wit: Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B Drugs. Both males are expected to be arraigned in Boston Juvenile Court.