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Print Media

Your press release is available online for small and large print media companies/publications to see.  Additionally, we can submit your press release to our proprietary media company email list.


Get your content in front of journalists that write articles and news stories.  Your work might be the inspiration and information they need to help better inform and educate the public.

Consumers & Readers

Consumers perform research, and some enjoy reading and learning everything they are learning.  Your articles and news is inspiring to more consumers than you might think.  Get in front of the audience you are seeking to help and inform.

Radio & Television

Still incredibly popular among certain groups.  Additional sources for enhancing your audience are YouTube.  Our platform is certain to get your content in front of the audience you need.


Bloggers are a great source for information and an audience that needs information to enhance their content. Therefore, they are a beneficial source of information.  Get in front of the best bloggers and give them the information that will help you as well as them and their readers.

Press Release Writing Service

If writing a press release is beyond your skill or desire, we can help.

We offer professional press release writing services.  We have multiple professional writers who can help you write a keyword-rich press release that will rank well in search engine search results, effectively projecting your news.  There is an additional charge for our press release writing service.  Price varies depending on the size of the press release and research time required for our writers to learn your information.

For a price on press release writing services, email Marty@STLMedia.Agency or call Marty at 417-529-1133.

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