Allegro – Richmond Heights

Allegro - Richmond Heights

Allegro Senior Living – Richmond Heights, MO, is an assisted senior living facility.

Allegro is an upscale assisted senior living facility with multiple locations.  They offer assisted senior living and memory care units among the nicest in the region.  In addition, they are next door to a hospital, which might be beneficial for senior residents when emergency care is needed.

  • Google Rating – 4.5 Stars

However, our personal experience does not support this rating.  We will be posting our rating on Google as soon as the outcome of our problem is resolved.  At this point, if you rely on a nursing home policy, we strongly encourage you to make sure you get everything in writing from this establishment, make sure they are accepted by the insurance company, and expect problems from the facility administration.

We have secured a recording with the staff that illustrates how they handle problems that will be added in the near future.

Additionally, the person that we are familiar with was admitted to the hospital for dehydration and UTI infection, which according to the doctor, was probably a result of dehydration.  Additionally, the representations made to the family about why the person was admitted to the hospital were opposite of the situation as it was explained to the family by hospital staff.

Our representations are documented with supporting documents, videos, or audio.

Allegro Senior Living – Richmond Heights
1055 Bellevue Avenue
Richmond Heights, Missouri 63117
Phone: +1 314-626-5786

NOTE: Recommendation: AVOID (especially if you have nursing home insurance)


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