Russia intensifies artillery shelling on Kyiv, Ukraine

Russian forces appear to be regrouping for a possible assault on Kyiv. Authorities in Ukraine say rocket attacks have destroyed an airbase near the town of Vasyl-ki in the Kyiv region.  Its oil depot was also hit.  Russia’s defence ministry says its army continues its attacks on a “broad front.” Earlier, Ukrainian officials released CCTV footage of what they say is the mayor of the city of Meli-topol being abducted.  The latest intelligence suggests that Russian troops have advanced to within thirty kilometers of Kyiv.

Elsewhere in Ukraine, there are concerns that Russian forces also have their sights on Odessa in the southwest.  The key port city on the Black Sea has so far been spared fighting.  However, officials suggest the situation could change, with Russia’s military planning to attack by land and sea.  Odessa’s residents are preparing for the worst – with people signing up to defend their city.