WP Safe uses proprietary systems and procedures to repair and secure your WordPress website

WP Safe – is a website that is dedicated to providing top rated WordPress repair and security.  If you have had your WordPress site hacked, or malicious file injections, WP Safe and clean, repair and secure your website to avoid this illegal action in the future.  Additionally, we can provide an ongoing service that we protect and monitor your website 24/7.

Nothing is more damaging to your rankings in the major search engines, like Google and Bing than malicious malware.  Search engines will remove your website from their index, meaning, they will not crawl or show your website in search results to avoid sending consumers to a bad website.  Highly protected sites actually rank better in search results because the opposite that search engines are comfortable sending consumers to sites they know are safe for consumers.  Therefore, you can say that website security is part of a solid SEO strategy.

WordPress is used by approximately 1/3 of the website worldwide.  However, considering it is open-source code it is subject to security vulnerabilities.  Having said that, WordPress can be secured and safe with the proper features and procedures added to the hosting environment.

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