Why People with Health Conditions Can Benefit from Home Elevators

(STL.News) When you think of homes that have elevators, the first thing that you think of maybe a large mansion with luxury features.  But today, expensive homes are not the only places that are getting elevators installed.  They are also useful for helping individuals move from floor to floor, and they can help older people maintain their independence, even during their golden years. Luxury and necessity are both great reasons to get an elevator.

Simplifying Living and Making the Home Safer

Having home elevators can make it easier to move in between floors, especially when carrying heavy objects.  It can easily help you move groceries, larger items, and equipment between the floors. You’ll no longer need to dread moving the vacuum cleaner around the home, for example.

The devices can also improve safety, especially for people who already have mobility issues.  They could have injuries or medical conditions that make it difficult to move without the fear of falling.  With an elevator, you get a safer way of allowing them to get from floor to floor.  And the devices themselves also have some safety features.  They’ll meet the safety codes in your area and will usually come with safety gates on them.

Aging in Place

If you have a health condition, you might be concerned about whether or not you’ll be able to remain in place as you get older.  You likely have some great memories in your house, and you probably want to live there as long as you can.  But if you have a health condition, you may have mobility problems that make it harder to travel between floors.  The good news is that getting an elevator lets you age in place, so you don’t have to leave the house as soon.  You could make the installation of an elevator part of a home renovation designed to make the house more accessible. You can also try installing ramps instead of smaller sets of stairs, and you could consider adding handrails to the bathrooms and other frequently used areas.

Preventing Risks Associated with Health Conditions

An elevator offers greater security and peace of mind, especially if your mobility is affected.  The device provides more accessibility to every level in your home, not just the ground floor.  Stairs often come with a few potential dangers.  For example, it is possible to accidentally miss one step and fall down the entire set, or you could trip on them.  It is also possible to fall over the railing of the stairs.  But those with health conditions and the elderly are more likely to have these problems.

Falls can often lead to injuries, such as fractures or broken bones.  That’s even more common for the elderly since their bones tend to be more brittle.  And falling can also increase the risk of head or brain injuries.  The good news is that installing an elevator removes the risks that come with stairs in the home.  So even if you live alone, you’ll still be safer.