WASHINGTON | Trump pans Venezuelan leader’s refusal of humanitarian aid

WASHINGTON (AP)— President Donald Trump says Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro‘s unwillingness to accept humanitarian aid shows what happens when the wrong government holds power.

Trump commented during a White House meeting Wednesday with Colombian President Ivan Duque.

Duque, whose country borders Venezuela, accused Maduro of committing a “crime against humanity.”

Maduro has blocked aid shipments for his crisis-torn country, calling the aid part of a U.S.-led coup to topple him. The U.S. and other nations want Maduro to step down and have recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s rightful leader. Venezuelans have also staged large protests to pressure Maduro to leave.

Guaido said this week that he will try to run caravans of badly needed food and medicine into Venezuela but won’t start for nearly two weeks.

By Associated Press