US Military angry (Dec 8) China coast guard ship crash into US warship

(STL.News) All the US Military angry : China coast guard ship crash into the US warship which was patrolling South China Sea.

Gov’t filing diplomatic protests vs China’s patrols in West PH Sea ‘almost every week Esperon. The Philippines continues to assert its claims in the West Philippine Sea amid reports of China’s brazen increase in patrols in disputed waters despite the pandemic.  National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon said on Sunday.

The official told CNN Philippines that the country has been filing these protests almost every week.  Hermogenes added that he views the report of Washington-based think tank Asia Maritime.  Transparency Initiative that China is continuing to bolster its presence in the disputed waters as a factual statement.  There was an almost 80% increase in the presence of Chinese coast guard in Scarborough Shoal compared to last year, the AMTI said.

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