Unlawful Assembly Arrests At City Hall by RPD

Richmond, VA (STL.News) The Richmond Police Department last night declared an Unlawful Assembly during an occupation of the Marshall Street approach to the entrance to City Hall, blocking the public right of way to through traffic.  Protestors threw traffic cones, barricades and concrete trash cans into the street, used vehicles to block off the street and set up tents in front of the entrance doors.  The protestors also threw rocks and other objects at the officers.

At approximately 12:00 a.m., Tuesday, June 23rd, officers arrived at city hall to deal with the occupation, which had been growing in size for several hours.  Protestors were distributing fliers which indicated they planned to stay in place long-term.

Approximately forty minutes after the officers arrived, the first Unlawful Assembly announcement was broadcast to the crowd and then repeated several times.  The announcement was also posted on Twitter.  After another 45 minutes had passed, officers began arresting those who had not dispersed.

Twelve people were arrested and charged under state code 18.2-406, taken to the Justice Center for processing and then released.  They are:

· Adrianna E. Carpenter, 30, W/F, Richmond
· William A. Neer, 27, W/M, Richmond
· Stephanie R. Smith, W/F, 29, Richmond
· Lily V. Bova, 27, W/M, Virginia Beach
· Ha N. Tran, 29, A/F, Richmond
· Darian A. White, 23, W/F, Richmond
· Anthony J. Laudermilk, 22, W/M, Richmond
· Jasmine Naghedi, 22, Unknown/F, Richmond
· Alaja Patterson, 19, B/F, Richmond
· Deandre J.E. Quarles, 22, B/M, Richmond
· Jonathan A. Delk, 24, B/M, Richmond
o Delk was also served an outstanding felony warrant for embezzlement
· John D. Weakley, 37, W/M, Richmond – photo not yet available
o Weakley was also charged with four counts of Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer

One RPD officer was injured when he was struck on the arm by a hickory stick.  He was treated at the scene.