UltimateHost.Domains offers domain names, website hosting and more

UltimateHost.Domains launches a new online store offering domain names, website hosting, premium domains and more

UltimateHost.Domains has launched a new website that offers domain names, website hosting, email and more.  It was designed for easy navigation and fast shopping cart checkout.  It is a secure website using an SSL certificate to protect your privacy and protection.

Domain names are the primary foundation of every website/business.  Commonly referred to as web address, website address, and URL.

Picking a clever domain name can actually help the ranking of your website.  Domain names with rich keywords or phrases will help improve your website rankings in organic search results because the domain names are the second piece of information that the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yadex read to determine search results.

For example; you offer tree trimming services in Dallas.  Consumers would commonly search using the search phrase of “tree trimming in Dallas”.  If your domain is www.treetrimmingdallas.com, your website would be shown higher in search results.

Additionally, many domain speculators make money buying domain names that include keywords and resell them for a profit.

Domain names is controlled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers a.k.a. ICANN.  ICANN also controls the WHOIS system that offers information about domain name ownership.  However, you can purchase the option to conceal the owner of a domain name.

In recent years ICANN has made available a variety of domains like .news or .restaurant, or .bar rather than .com’s.  These domains might help your website rank in search results as well.  It is commonly thought that short domains rank better and nothing past the (.) dot is counted against your domain.  That information is not confirmed by the search engines.

UltimateHost.Domains have discounted domain names for sale online, including the new variety of domains.  If you are launching a website, visit UltimateHost.Domains for the best domain name pricing.

UltimateHost.Domains also offers:

All website are not created equal.  Your design, hosting and domain name has a significant impact on how your website is indexed and shown in search engine search results by major search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex.

There are many SEO strategies that can help enhance your website rankings.  We recently published an article about Blog Aggregators that might be helpful.

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