UK News: Government accused of mishandling pandemic

UK News: Government accused of mishandling pandemic

(STL.News) Relatives of COVID-19 victims have accused government of mishandling the pandemic.  Families say that they have been misled by the UK government.  According to a report, PM Boris Johnson has let government make several errors while tackling the public health crisis.

Government officials around the world remain in the dark about how to handle this pandemic, but most importantly, they are are handling their citizens incorrectly.  Lacking compassion, or action to help those in need.  Politics continue to be more damaging than the virus is.

The pandemic has surfaced weaknesses in our governments, social structure, peoples mental stability and economic structures around the world.  Bible sales are increasing as people pray for hope they used to place in their governments, leaders, bosses, and everything that their life revolved around.

Politics and blame have surfaced, while leadership has disappeared.

Wikipedia page – COVID-19 pandemic in UK

YouTube video provided courtesy of WION News

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