Hanoi Postcard: Kim-Trump summit inspires entrepreneurs

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — For North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump, this week’s summit in Hanoi is a chance to advance the cause of world peace. For canny entrepreneurs, it’s an opportunity to make a buck — or a dong, in Vietnamese currency.

A U.S presidential visit is a big deal anywhere, and when it’s significant enough to draw wall to wall media coverage — as last year’s first summit in Singapore did — an enterprising businessman or businesswoman takes note. Drinks will be poured, burgers will be broiled and T-shirts will be silkscreened.

Even if you’re not personally negotiating denuclearization on the Korean peninsula, you can still sip a ‘Rock It, Man’ cocktail, chow down a ‘Kim Jong Yum’ burger, or just get the Peace T-shirt.

By Associated Press