TruConnectRE.Com – The Ultimate Platform For Real Estate Lead Generation

FALLS CHURCH, VA. (STL.News) – How do realtors generate real estate leads today? Do they still walk up to houses and knock doors or have they kept up with the fast-paced technology to make their lives easier?

Conventionally, real estate agents would go out into their neighborhoods, knock on doors and introduce themselves to prospective home buyers. Or they would buy lists of contacts and start cold calling. Recently, research proved that 98% of home buyers now start their research online before they get in touch with a real estate professional and 71% of them settle for the first agent they connect with.

With both, the buyer and seller online, one would assume that all that needs to be done now is to find the right buyer and sell to them. Nope. It’s not that simple. The agent has to go through the entire process of marketing, gathering leads, finding the right buyer and following up. Now, the reason for stressing on how time-consuming and tedious this job is, is that the cure has been found!

What does Lead generation mean? Lead generation is a marketing term that relays the process of attracting and converting a potential client. For a real estate business, these leads would be people who are interested in buying or selling their houses. Depending on how an agent markets, they can capture leads in a number of ways. However they do it, the agent has to go through the entire process of marketing, gathering leads, finding the right buyer and following up.

With its escalating approach, TruConnect Real Estate does all the funneling for the realtor by generating thousands of real estate leads from around the world. And that’s not the end of it. They call the leads generated, filter and ensure periodic follow-ups until they find the perfect client for an agent to meet with. While doing so, they not only increase efficiency and save costs but also take away the slow, repeated task of calling leads away from the real estate agents – giving them time to focus on the latent buyer. not only offers realtors substantial leads but also provides an all-in-one platform that assists in the process of home selling. With its human-powered approach, TruConnect Real Estate also provides the agents with advanced software to manage and track the leads given to them. Not just this, it also customizes marketing material for the agent and advertises for them, including paid online ads! The best part?
Unlike some heavy hitters in the Industry like Zillow, that charges an upfront fee and locks realtors in a contract, regardless of whether the agent gets to close a deal or not and OpCity, that does charge them (35%-38% referral) upon successful closing with no guaranteed leads – TruConnectRE only charges agents a 25% referral fee subsequent to a closing! That’s right. The realtor only pays referral once the lead delivered has matured! does the agent’s bit by helping them finalize and close 2 to 5 times the deals they close working on one from scratch. The realtors are introduced to pre-screened and effectuate clients, leaving them to form a relationship and proceed to seal the deal.

Today, the best remedy for a Real Estate agent to grow and be better than their competition and generate their leads quicker and more efficiently is to think outside the box and avail the service that facilitates them and roots for their gain all the way.