Streetscape Studios

TPH Media Brings Streetscape Studios to St. Charles

Streetscape Studios: St. Charles Newest Addition of TPH Media

ST. CHARLES, MO/March 5, 2017 (STL.News) St. Charles County is getting a new addition to the community thanks to publisher of the popular Streetscape Magazine and founder of TPH Media, Tom Hannegan.  TPH Media’s newest contribution to the community is Streetscape Studios, the first of its kind in the area.

Streetscape Studios, located at 3501 New Town Blvd, will soon be open to the public.  This is all part of a much bigger vision for the flourishing company.  Streetscape Magazine, the Premier Lifestyle magazine in St Charles County, recently celebrated ten successful years of distributing the fashionable bi-monthly publication.

The 30,000 full-color magazine copies are distributed free to the community via 500+ high-traffic sites throughout St Charles County and surrounding areas.  The publication, featuring all the latest happenings, is accessible to consumers at all St. Charles County Schnucks and Dierbergs, retail establishments, restaurants, coffee shops, banks, public buildings, sports and entertainment facilities.

Now, followers of Streetscape Magazine’s website, and its readers, will be introduced to the latest audio/video technology adding additional essence and anticipation to the already growing brand.  Links to exciting recordings, live performances and demonstrations will be embedded into the magazine issues on the website bringing each story to life.

Instead of just reading a story on a local chef or a band, website visitors will be able to see, hear and read about them all at the same time.  It will be a package deal that can greatly benefit businesses with their marketing efforts.  The new websites many more capabilities will give Magazine advertisers added options such as allowing a visitor to simply click on an ad and see commercials, demonstrations and sound bites.

While the Studios will be used for video and photography for the Magazine and its content, Hannegan plans to open up the Studios for rent to the public as well.  They can be rented as an “empty box” for companies who will bring in their own equipment and crew, or they can choose to rent basic lights and camera gear to fit their needs.  Streetscape can also connect companies with a professional photographer and/or video crew.

The Studios space is broken into two types —photography and videography—each containing an infinity or cyclorama wall.  The walls are curved surfaces that blend the floor and wall together so that whatever is placed in front of it—whether an object or a person—will appear to float against a simple and seamless background.

A Whisper Room™ has been added on the video side.  This is a sound isolation enclosure that can be used for video work, voice overs, voice recordings and storybook readings, among other things.  Every Whisper Room™ component, including the door, is constructed of fiberboard and wrapped with a durable cloth-type material for sound isolation.  There are also changing and makeup areas.

Streetscape Studios is currently operational and has already been utilized by several local photographers and film makers.  Professional photographer Lance Tilford of Lance Tilford Photography/Limelight Studio says he “can attest to what a great working space it is for a photographer or video crew.”  He adds, “It’s an especially great option for companies who need product, people shots, and/or testimonial videos, but can’t justify the high prices of the commercial studios in the city.”

Stay tuned for more exciting news on Streetscape Studios.  Hannegan plans to also eventually offer the Studios to photographers, videographers, and others, as a kind of business incubator, with weekly networking events where tips, tricks and trends are shared by subject matter experts.