Top Paying Legal Jobs in St. Louis

(STL.News) Law is a much broader industry than many people might think.  There are tons of different types of law positions, such as judges, attorneys, paralegals, and attorney partners.  You also have the choice of focusing on different law disciplines like family law, corporate law, intellectual property law, and other legal practices.

Many aspiring law students aim to land a lucrative law position that will earn a substantial wage.  Typically, higher-level law positions such as attorneys and other chief officers of the law will earn the most amount of money, so you need to work on honing your skills, building experience in junior law positions, and creating a stellar resume.  Use a resume builder to help you craft the perfect resume for your next job search.

Let’s look at the highest-paying legal positions within St. Louis, Missouri.

Top Paying Legal Positions in St. Louis

The median pay for lawyers in St. Louis is $92,790 annually, with the highest-earning lawyers earning as much as $120,491 annually.  Many of the top-paying legal jobs in St. Louis are for attorneys, judges, and professors positions.  These include:

  • Corporate Lawyers – $78,468 – $121,004
  • Trial Lawyers – $71,278 – $128,964
  • Law School Professors – $79,518 – $286,085
  • Real Estate Attorneys – $109,609 – $175,008
  • Judges – $155,358 – $197, 934
  • Chief Legal Officers – $228,656 – $467,309

All these positions will require a few years of experience within a junior law position, such as a legal assistant or paralegal.  Typically, you will need a bachelor’s degree before you can earn these jobs and will need to enter law school afterward as well.  It will be a long road before you can become a full-fledged attorney, judge, or chief legal officer, but building experience in these junior positions is a great way to go about that.

How to Write a Stand-Out Law Resume

These top-paying legal positions will all typically require you to have some level of experience within the law field.  Buffing up your resume to include all your most relevant work experience can definitely help you find a great top-paying legal position in the future.  There are three sections in particular that you should pay close attention to skills, work experience, and education.


The skills section of your resume should be a short list of hard and soft skills that display your specialties in the law field.  Hard skills relate more to the skills needed to perform your job, such as being familiar with specific software or knowing how to perform specific duties.  Soft skills relate more to your overall personality and how you would fit into a law firm’s company culture.

Work Experience

If you are applying for a position as an attorney, judge, or another law official, your resume should reflect your years of experience working in a junior law position.  Many law offices will not even consider your application if you don’t have this crucial experience.  Fortunately, law schools will offer you a way to connect with Missouri law firms as a legal assistant or paralegal while you study.  Any experience working for a law firm will always be a plus.


Education is also very important to a law resume.  You need to prove that you understand federal and Missouri state laws, and a law degree can do just that.  Legal assistants may be able to make the jump to an attorney once they graduate from law school and pass the Missouri Bar Exam.

You can also place any certifications you have earned within this section as well.  Certifications can show that you are an expert in a specific field of law, which can help you stand out against other candidates.