Top 10 cities

Top 10 cities Americans are flocking to

More people are moving to these Top 10 Cities

March 7, 2017 (STLRealEstate.News) The “it” cities in America every year are an ever-changing list struggling to keep up with the latest fads and trends.  What was once a hip city in 1975 could be nothing more than a washed-up industrial hub today with nothing alluring or notable about its make-up.  Then, there are the New Yorks, Miamis, and LAs of the world that manage to stand the test of time despite skyrocketing market rates.

But, what if these rates get so high that not even yuppies are willing to shoulder the costs anymore?  Gateway markets have sky-high prices today and potential yields that seem to shrink by the quarter.  It’s always a good idea to follow job growth and population growth in a city, and Penske Truck Rental this week released its projection of the top 10 American cities people will flock to in 2017.  Here are the results:

Charlotte, North Carolina offering a pleasant climate with relatively affordable apartment rents at $1,169 per month; Houston, Texas, with a business sector that relies heavily on the oil industry with a median apartment rent in the city at $1,392; Las Vegas, Nevada, with its beautifully temperate climate and affordable apartment rates despite its grandiosity; Seattle, Washington, despite its incredibly expensive apartment rates, the rainy city must have other alluring features; Orlando, Florida, boasting a year round warm climate and recently inexpensive apartment rates; Tampa, Florida with apartment rents of $1,264 per month and a beautiful ocean view; Denver, Colorado, one of the sunniest cities in the entire United States; Phoenix, Arizona, with affordable rents everywhere; Dallas, Texas, with warm weather and business friendly policies; and lastly Atlanta, Georgia, the number one alluring American city people are flocking to today with apartment rents of $1,600 per year and a relatively mild and predictable climate.