Thirteen Fifty-Six Public House Goes Nitro with Cold Brew Coffee

Nitro Iced Coffee Soon Straight from the Tap at Thirteen Fifty-Six Public House Microbrewery

Twin Oaks, MO (STL.News) There’s a lot of exciting changes coming down the road for thirteenfifty·six Public House, but none causing quite the “BUZZ” as the future plans to offer Nitro Iced Coffee.  The once relatively unknown item, mostly popular with coffee nerds, is now becoming mainstream in the world of Java.  Just ask anyone who frequents Starbucks, where customers can now find Nitro Cold Brew in nearly 1,000 company-operated stores across the U.S.

Well now, your very favorite sports bar and grill will soon be offering the newest creamy, velvety drink, better known as Nitro Cold Brew.  thirteenfifty·six Public House wants to give its coffee loving customers a totally new experience, and one that’s been gaining wild popularity.  The process was quietly introduced in 2013, but somehow remained under the radar until breaking out in 2015 beyond its home cities of Austin (at Cuvee Coffee) and Portland, Oregon (at Stumptown.)

The appearance and texture of Nitro Cold Brew have been likened to Guinness® stout making some wonder if it contains alcohol.  The answer is no…it’s simply a rich, foamy Cold Brew and a shot of nitrogen.  Although several of the lighter beers are infused with carbon dioxide, darker stouts are occasionally infused with nitrogen, removing sweet flavors and a smooth finish from the beer.  This method is a direct effect of nitrogen bubbles being smaller in size than those of carbon dioxide, making it more difficult for the water in either beer or coffee to dissolve resulting in a brew with a thicker texture.

So, how is NCB made?  For starters, there’s the base ingredient which is the rich, chocolate-y coffee that is cold brewed for up to 24 hours before being cut with water.  Then in a refrigerated tank, a pressurized valve shoots an infusion of nitrogen bubbles into the liquid, resulting in an ultra-creamy, frothy delight.

The gas from the nitrogen creates pockets of air in the body of the coffee that gives it a kind of luxurious texture that’s like a milkshake, only with none of the calories or dairy.  This method has the ability to make black coffee taste smooth, sweet, and rich in body as if it had sugar and cream.  However, that rich fullness eliminates the need for milk, while the complexity of the nitro allows for a flavor just sweet enough that it needs no sugar.

Nitro Cold Brew has a gorgeous reverse cascade, so it’s a really cool experience to watch if be made. The drink tastes richer, smoother and creamier than traditional iced coffee.  It is also less acidic and bitter than hot coffee because the beans are steeped for hours.  And to add icing on the cake…the Cold Brew is also a little more caffeinated.  Coffee lovers…there’s your “caffeine-fix.”

Unlike beer, where you tilt the glass under the tap to avoid excessive bubbles, Nitro Cold Brew drinkers will enjoy seeing the gorgeous cascade of nitrogen bubbles swirling about.  It’s served without ice in order to enhance the smooth, rich finish.  People who try and love the Cold Brew for its creamy taste assume that means lots of calories, but not so.  A 12-ounce serving has a mere 5 calories and 0 grams of sugar.

Most places serve NCB unsweetened to emphasize the flavor the cold brewing process brings out in the coffee.  If you decide that you do want to up the sweetness, you can always ask for your Nitro Cold Brew with a little something added that will turn it into an even sweeter cascade of velvety coffee.  Thirteen Fifty-Six Public House plans to eventually offer some yummy alcohol inspired Nitro Cold Brew drinks.

Whether you take your coffee black or with cream, brewed or espresso-based, coffee is no doubt the most popular beverage in the world.  Americans drink more than 450 million cups of coffee every day.  And soon, thanks to thirteenfifty·six Public House in Twin Oaks, you’ll be enjoying your “Cup of Joe” in a whole new way!

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