The Michael Flynn Debate

(STL.News) There is a significant amount of debate and news surrounding the news story of Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to federal charges.  Many are asking why Flynn should get off because he pleaded guilty?  The answer to these questions is simple and obvious.

When investigated by federal agents, they will commonly offer lesser charges to encourage one to plead guilty and offer a less harsh sentence if a trial is avoided.  With more than $6 Million in legal fees, the government and his legal team had to suggest a compromise to end the investigation, limit Flynns’ exposure, protect family members and limit the legal team’s losses for fees incurred that he would most likely not be able to pay.  Flynn was encouraged and directed to end the chaos and plead guilty for these reasons.

Victims of this process are presented with an offer to plead or take their chances in court with significantly harsher penalties if they are forced into a trial and loose, which the government will give the statistics of 98-99% conviction rate if a trial occurs.

Victims legal representatives are typically faced with the time it takes to try a case, but exposed to no pay because, typically, at this point, the victim has already exhausted all financial resources.  Additionally, it is not easy, if it is even possible for the legal team to remove themselves from the case.  Therefore, the victim and his legal representatives are faced with ethical issues framed around the finances of the situation.  It is called the “spin down” strategy commonly used by prosecutors.  They have access to the victims finances and work burn the victims money.  When money has been depleted,  then a deal will be presented to end the case and limit exposure for everybody, as if everybody is doing the victim a favor.

Many are surprised that this happened to an American.  This is not a rare strategy used by those in power.  It is just the first time it has received this amount of attention.  More than likely, there will be much more information surface that is not positive for those involved or Americas’ legal system.

It is worth noting that Michael Flynn is 61 years old, a registered Democrat according to Wikipedia and served his country for more than 33 years.

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