The Growing Popularity of the Virtual Game of Chance

(STL.News) Virtual casino or online casino is the rage in the market currently with the current size in the market to almost 59 billion US dollars.  It is anticipated to be 92.9 billion dollars by 2023.
The road to the business world was not easy.  Online casinos started back in the ’90s by Microgaming software gaming company in the Isle of Man.  It slowly crawled its way up especially when the internet became public.  However, due to cyber issues like cyber theft and malware halted the posthumous popularity of online casinos.  An additional factor was the critical feedback of most traditional punters who were used to the sophisticated ambiance of the conventional brick-and-mortar casino and regarded online gambling as somewhat immature.

Fast forward, the popularity of this industry is unstoppable until it reaches its peak especially in 2019.  The year reached its highest point but dwindled down a bit in 2020 because of the covid-19 pandemic but now skyrocketed to $59 billion according to Statista.

Due to its popularity, a lot of online casino operators introduce their sites in the market.  All of them have the same concept and style in marketing but we cannot tell which one’s decent.  A decent virtual casino lives up to its name as a trustworthy site like CasinoVibez.  It is challenging to find honest casino sites but we have a few pointers on how to determine an honest one to fraud.

How can we tell if the online casino is a fraud?


These are typical among casinos because they are marketing strategies to lure prospective customers to sign up and make a deposit to the casino site or to encourage current players to the site to renew.  However, this could also be used by fraudsters by not directly giving the bonus to the client especially after making a deposit. This is one indication the site might be rouge.

Terms and Conditions

Online casinos in general present their terms and conditions whenever the prospective client shows interest in signing up.  However, rouge casinos usually leave the inquiring customer hanging. They don’t disclose nor give ample information to the customer and are somewhat vague.  Once you encounter this type of casino site, you have to drop it right off the bat.

Customer Service

It is normal for customer service to be friendly but too much friendly can be dangerous.  The not supportive casino site is also questionable because it is also an indication that they actually don’t have anything to offer to the customer but they just wanted their money.  After you make a deposit, you might not be able to open the site anymore and you might find yourself just staring at your monitor wondering what happened.

Payout Issues

Some rouge online casinos let a client enjoy the games that the site offers although these sites can be limited.  Some features like live dealer might not be available but online punters can bet virtually.  However, when it is time to claim your payout, the site will cancel it for some reason.

Too low RTP (return to player percentage) or none at all

Rouge casinos are always up to the money of the players.  Their intention is to get the deposit and maybe give more to the site without giving it what is due to the customer.

The RTP or the Return to Player is the monetary percentage that should be given to the player.

Bad Reputation

There are forums and reviews about certain online casinos. It is advisable to read them. It is best to avoid committing the same mistakes by learning from the mistakes of others.


Decent online casinos upgrade their license and normally show them to their prospective clients. If a casino site that you are interested in does not show their license or is not updated, better look for another site.

Final Insight

Wagering online is a good hobby as long as you are in control.  However, it cannot be avoided that we might encounter rogue casinos in the long run.  Rogue casinos are online casinos that committed and reported multiple fraudulent behaviors and are considered banned in the industry.  Some of them were to close the site but others were able to exist.  Be vigilant with this matter to have a more fun online gambling experience.