The Future of Online Casinos in the US

(STL.News) Online casino gaming for players in the US has been an ongoing issue for several years.  Although gamblers would like to enjoy themselves like anyone else around the world, gambling legislation has gotten in the way of that.  But after the global pandemic, things are starting to change for the better.  Legislators in different states are starting to recognize just how much they’re losing by not tapping into this industry.

So what can US-based players expect with this sector in the future?

Casino Gaming Advancements to Watch Out For

Gamers in the US are looking forward to several changes in the industry to make this better.  In turn, that will make it easier to access legitimate online gambling options while in the US. Some of the most notable changes to look forward to including:

Changes to Online Casino Gambling Legislation

At the moment, only about five states in North America have gone live with online casino gambling options.  As such, players in these regions can enjoy locally regulated sites for their real money casino gaming sessions.

Unfortunately, these operators are bound by law to only have account holders within the geographic boundaries of the accepting states.  That leaves those outside these regions at a loss.

To make up for this, there’s currently a lot of talk about more states looking to join the revolution.  That’s by looking into the steps needed to enable US gamblers to start legally enjoying themselves locally.  Though it’s a lengthy process, it’s worth noting that it’s a step in the right direction.  It’s likely that within the next few months, the majority of states will be on their way to legally offer online gambling options.

Creation of Internal Regulatory Bodies

As more states start the process of legalizing online casino gambling, the need for more local regulators will become necessary.  So this is a step that legislators are probably also looking into at the moment.

Online casino regulators are in charge of ensuring licensed platforms are offering streamlined services to US players.  That’s by ensuring:

  • Licenses are up to date on every platform
  • Gambling regulations set by each state are followed by operators
  • Members can access reliable support channels whenever they need assistance
  • Conflict resolution channels exist to handle issues between the platforms and casino members
  • Players pay taxes on their winnings as necessary
  • Operators pay taxes on the profits they make from members within the country
  • All games offered have fair payout percentages
  • Each virtual release has operational RNG software deciding the games’ outcomes
  • US-friendly payment methods are available for transactions
  • Privacy and security terms are followed to keep players safe while online

More Digital Payment Options

At the moment, online casino gamblers in the US have several payment options available to them.  These include eWallets, credit and debit cards, prepaid solutions, and more.  Finding these options at the best casinos means you can expect your payments to get processed within a few hours or days, depending on what you choose.

However, the increasing popularity of payment options like cryptocurrencies is quickly overtaking traditional banking methods like bank transfers and checks.  That’s by offering high-security transactions that happen instantly.  With more US players opting for digital solutions like Bitcoin, the industry will be able to guarantee faster, fraud-free transactions.

These options will also create an increase in platforms like no registration casinos.  These are sites where players don’t need to worry about lengthy registration and verification processes to help them get to their gaming sessions.

Immersive Gambling Varieties

Several online casinos these days offer live dealer gaming options.  These are gaming varieties that take place in a method similar to live streaming a meeting.  The dealer of your chosen game conducts the session in a way that’s similar to being at a brick-and-mortar casino table.  The only difference is that it’s available online.

Though this was thought to be evolutionary in the industry, software developers are looking into offering more immersive gaming.  That’s through using tech advancements like Virtual Reality.  So, instead of having a player view their session like they’re watching a TV show, the player would be fully immersed in the game to create a more thrilling experience.

US Players and Offshore Casino Sites

Online casino gambling in the US still has several states at a disadvantage.  To make up for this, players opt to play at offshore casinos run by overseas operators.  These haven’t been classified as illegal, so it gives North American players options.  That’s especially the case for those in states that are yet to accept real money online gambling for their residents.

Besides taking care of US players’ gaming needs, these sites have other advantages as well.

  • Offer more games – the gaming assortment at most of these platforms is vast since the operators work with several leading software developers in the industry.
  • Give out generous promotions – since these sites don’t pay tax to the US government, they are capable of offering very large bonuses to players from North America.
  • No tax on winnings – since offshore sites aren’t recognized by the US government, players aren’t obligated to pay taxes on the winnings they earn on such platforms.  You keep everything you earn.
  • Mobile gaming options – to make gameplay easier for their players, most offshore sites offer mobile gaming options.  Players can often choose whether to play instantly through their mobile browsers or downloadable apps.