The Best Savings Rate in the US, 6% APY Launched by Loan Doctor

NEW YORK (STL.News) – Loan Doctor today has launched the US’s best savings product, with a 6% APY 1-month HCF Savings Note, which provides the opportunity for savers to earn up to 50x more than traditional bank savings accounts or CD’s.

Founded by Dr. Edgar Radjabli, a healthcare and financial services industry veteran and managing partner of financial firm, Apis Capital Management, Loan Doctor’s initial focus has been on helping healthcare professionals with their financing needs, such as capital for acquiring a practice, commercial real estate purchase, or student loan refinance. The Loan Doctor team has to date helped more than 3500 doctors with over $650MM in loans.

The Health Care Finance Savings Note, available to everyone, not just Loan Doctor’s healthcare clients, is a secure way to earn a high interest for those that want to save for retirement, college or simply want to avoid the volatility of the stock market. In the case of an impending recession, the HCF Savings Note would continue to earn interest every month, preserving capital and generating income.

Dr. Radjabli said, “Traditional banks have very high overhead, with retail branches, staff and a sprawling bureaucracy. Loan Doctor is built on efficiency and technology, so we cut out unnecessary overhead expenses, and thus are able to offer a very attractive rate to savers.”

Loan Doctor uses the note funds to fill short term lending needs to its healthcare clients, before the loans are securitized and sold to large institutional investors. “The healthcare field is extremely attractive right now because it is recessions proof, and institutional investors are looking for this safety with an unlimited appetite,” stated Isika Rostova, CFA and CFO of Loan Doctor, “In addition, our unique AI based underwriting technology ensures that their risk profile is perfectly matched. As a result, we are able to immediately securitize loans we originate and turn over capital without any risk exposure to the underlying loan” she continued. The security of the HCF Savings Note is ensured as it is backed by cash and cash equivalent funds that are FDIC insured and an additional $100MM umbrella through Lloyds of London, making it as safe as a savings account or CD.