The Art of Negotiating a Sale in the Digital World

(STL.News) – The art of negotiation has never been more critical for online marketers than it is now.  With the digital era in full swing, online marketers are the creative foundation for what people see, browse, and purchase online.

Seventy-three percent of Americans surf the web daily, and 21 percent of said Americans say they’re always online.  In addition, a Mintel 2015 online shopping report states, “Over two-thirds (69 percent) of US online adults shop online at least monthly, with 33 percent shopping online every week.”

Being an intelligent negotiator means understanding a client’s vision before moving forward.  Getting what you want while demanding the best service from yourself has a lot to do with how you negotiate.  If clients see value in your work, you and the client will be on the same page.

If, say, you wanted to negotiate for a car online.  First, you need to understand the mindset of the people who wish to purchase your vehicle.  What is your target audience?  People rely on the information before they decide, and this guide on Autovolo walks you through the steps you need to sell your car effectively.

Online marketers often get repeat clients with multiple projects.  If you approach the negotiation table willing to partner, you can build long-term relationships.  In addition, a sense of partnership will make you more approachable and relatable.

“In a negotiation, the seller needs to view a potential customer as a partner rather than an opponent,” author and psychologist Sherrie Campbell says.  “It changes the whole mindset and creates a communication space-based more on agreement than desperate acts of getting.”

Planning is vital when you’re negotiating, as having a clear idea of what you want will make the meeting go smoother.  This also helps steer a project in the right direction; if you don’t know all the details upfront, you and your team are more likely to argue over the little things.

This can lead to you compromising your value for less money.  Online marketers have unique skills, and being confident in your value will also improve the way you negotiate.  If a client sees you are willing to lower your prices with little fight, they might think you aren’t decisive.

After all, having excellent negotiation skills can help improve your relationships with your team and your clients.  It would be best if you were savvy to develop positive vendor relationships.  Options will let you approach clients with vendors in a relaxed way, and vendors, in turn, will want to work with you.

“Remember, your impatience with the process is the other party’s best leverage,” Forbes contributor Jim Blasingame says.  “Good negotiators practice patience.”  Approaching every client in a relaxed manner will give you successful contracts.

Don’t forget the importance of silence.  Listening to what your clients want will separate you from the rest.  It’s surprising how many negotiators forget the customers’ needs, but if the client feels heard, they also feel like they’re being taken care of.  Active listening is a powerful tool.

“Active listening is a general approach to listening to that helps you gain more information, improve your understanding of other points of view, and work cooperatively with others,” MIT Sloan Communication Program defines.  Although challenging, mastering active listening will help you understand your clients better than anything else in your negotiation toolbox.