Talk to Al Jazeera: In the Field – Women of Belarus: A fearless cry for change

(STL.News) Social unrest is not exclusive to the US.  Many countries have social and economic issues created by events revolving around COVID-19, which triggered the existing tensions that existed for decades as governments are perceived to have failed their citizens by either high taxes, excessive restrictions, low wages, and a world of other issues that COVID-19 did not create, but created the exhaustion triggering the desire and courage to express themselves in ways never before seen.  Changes in the world triggered by the fear of COVID-19 will be recorded in world history and studied by many generations to come.

COVID-19 has challenged people around the world, but it has also challenged the governments around the world and exposing their lack of preparation to protect their citizens.

Our featured content: On this episode of Talk to Al Jazeera: In the Field (Belarus), we meet 73-year-old Nina Baginskaya, who has become an icon of Belarus’s protest movement, and 42-year-old Alina Pustohod, who overcame her fear to fight for justice and regime change.

Al Jazeer discovers what motivates them, and why women have become a driving force in the protests against Alexander Lukashenko, the man who has ruled Belarus with an iron fist since 1994.

YouTube video provided as courtesy of Al Jazeera News

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