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Grafton Oyster Bar Is New Cajun/Creole Contender from Old Favs

Letting the Good Times Roll Along the River – Grafton Oyster Bar Grafton, IL/January 16, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) – It’s not every day that lunch or dinner feels like a mini-vacation, but a short drive up the Great River Road to the Grafton Oyster Bar at 215 Water Street in Grafton, Illinois is like being transported … Continue reading Grafton Oyster Bar Is New Cajun/Creole Contender from Old Favs



ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) – Broadway Oyster Bar has become a destination in the St. Louis area as many of their customers are from out of town coming to St. Louis just to visit their favorite Cajun restaurant or listen to their favorite band.

Their Cajun cuisines is some of the best around, if not the best Cajun cuisine in the city.  St. Louis Restaurant Review recently published a REVIEW about Broadway Oyster Bar.  They have a very interesting menu, atmosphere and following.  It is a casual atmosphere and one that the customers are there to have fun.  Not only is their cuisines outstanding so it their live music.  The upcoming schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday, June 1st @ 9 pm – Delta Sol Revival celebrates Tyler’s Birthday
  • Thursday, June 2nd @ 10 pm – Southern Exposure Plays the Funk and Soul of New Orleans
  • Friday, June 3rd @ 10 pm – Rhythm Section Road Show presents Big Mike & The Blue City
  • Saturday, June 4th @ 10 pm – Old Shoe with guests TBA
  • Friday, June 10th @ 10 pm – The New Orleans Suspects with Special Guests, Funky Butt Brass Band

For more information we recommend that you contact Broadway Oyster Bar.

Contact information:

Broadway Oyster Bar

736 South Broadway

St. Louis, MO 63102

Phone: (314) 621-8811

Email:  [email protected]

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