Straws – Jaws Parody Shirt

Send a positive message with this fun STRAWS shirt. I’m guessing you’ve got opposable thumbs and the ability to pull a straw from your nostrils if you were unfortunate enough to have that happen to your face.

Sea Turtles, however, are not so fortunate. Sure they get to go to the beach whenever they want and swim in the ocean all the time, and that’s AWESOME! But the downside is that they have to deal with our trash.

This Straws shirt does more than tell others that you have great taste in fashion, it lets people know what kind of awesome environmentally aware and responsible person you are and reminds them to be likewise especially with their plastic waste. Straws – Jaws Parody Shirt, Is a parody of the 1975 jaws movie poster. Straws, You’ll never go in the water again, ( We hope) Skip the Straw Save a Turtle.

After team members extracted a couple of centimeters of the object with pliers and snipped off a sample, they discovered that the wrinkled, brownish object was a plastic drinking straw. Assured it wasn’t a parasite that might have been attached to part of the turtle’s brain, the researchers decided to remove the entire four-inch (ten-centimeter) straw. The team felt it was better to remove the straw immediately since they were hours away from a veterinarian—and there was no guarantee the vet would know how to deal with a sea turtle.

We’ve all seen the video of a plastic straw being pulled from a sea turtle’s nose. The animal looked like it was having some trouble breathing since the straw took up an entire nostril. Usually, trash such as plastic bags and even toothbrushes end up in a sea turtle’s stomach. It’s also quite common to see fishing hooks embedded in a turtle’s mouth or flipper. While we are not sure how the straw ended up in the male sea turtle’s nose, but the experts think it could have swallowed the straw at some point, gagged on it, and then tried to throw it back up with it getting logged in the nasal cavity.

The passageways for food and air are connected in a turtle just like they are in people. That’s why some of the material we throw up can come out of our nose. It’s possible the straw could have ended up in the wrong passageway and gotten lodged in the reptile’s nostril. The team disinfected the sea turtle’s nose and watched it make sure it seemed healthy before releasing it back into the ocean.

Straws are a useless commodity, and contribute to the 5.25 trillion pieces of marine trash that have ended up in the ocean, and harm ocean wildlife. People can drink out of a cup just as well without one, she says and “with this shirt to raise awareness, we can actually show our belief and make a difference.