STL’s Favorite Italian Place: Charlie Gittos Turns 36!

STL’s Favorite Italian Place: Charlie Gittos Turns 36!

Celebrating 36 Years of St. Louis’ Best Italian: Charlie Gittos

St. Louis, MO/March 29, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) – It seems that great events come in clusters.  Some years are just better than others.  For instance, the year 1981 gave us the first space shuttle mission (Columbia), MTV, Post-It notes, and Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill.  It was a great year indeed, especially for St. Louis diners and for food lovers everywhere.  Charlie Gitto’s has been serving great Italian food in a comfortable fine dining establishment ever since.  In fact, Gitto’s take on fine Italian dining is so popular, he now has three locations across the Saint Louis area: the original Charlie Gitto’s On The Hill at 5226 Shaw Avenue, St. Louis; Charlie Gitto’s From The Hill at 15525 Olive Blvd. in Chesterfield; and Charlie Gitto’s at Hollywood Casino, 777 Casino Center in Maryland Heights.

Some restaurants are good.  Some are inspirational.  In the 36 years since Charlie Gitto, Jr. opened Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill (March 21, 1981), the place has become legendary.  This storied St. Louis institution is a collaboration of old world elegance, relaxing atmosphere, authentic Italian cuisine, and an exceptionally gracious service that make it a terrific choice for date night!  In fact, they were voted #1 for date night in St Louis in a recent National Sun Times article.  In February, Charlie Gitto’s on The Hill was named most romantic restaurant in St. Louis, based on customer reviews.  And customers put them in the #1 spot on our Top 10 Italian Restaurants list last fall—and they remain St. Louis’ favorite for Italian cuisine today.

The qualities that make Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill a great choice for date night also make this fine Italian restaurant a great choice for any dinner: the attention to detail that permeates every aspect of dining experience.  From the way staff makes you feel special to the extensive wine list and expertly prepared, award-winning pastas, steaks, seafood, and desserts, an evening at any of the three Charlie Gitto’s locations is a meal to remember.

Last December, Charlie Gitto Jr., and his son Anthony Gitto were featured on the Community Tables video series “What America Eats.”  Specifically Chef Jon Ashton visited with the Gittos to learn the about origins of toasted ravioli.  It was invented in the kitchen of Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill (then Angelo’s) in 1947.  Most St. Louisans know the story of the chef who accidentally dropped some ravioli into hot oil instead of water, creating one of St. Louis’ most iconic dishes.  Now, thousands of toasted ravs are made and served each week at Charlie Gitto’s three locations.  Charlie Gitto’s original Toasted Ravioli is so popular, the official travel site for the United States,, advised hungry visitors to “head to Charlie Gitto’s on The Hill” for dinner. (A 48-Hour Guide to St. Louis, Missouri) And for the last 36 years, St. Louis diners in the know have been doing just that.

Contact Information:

Charlie Gitto’s On the Hill
Owner: Charlie Gitto, Jr.
5226 Shaw Ave.

STL.News Article, Dated March 29 2017