STL.Pizza To Be Launched

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) STL.Pizza has been sold for an undisclosed amount of money to an anonymous buyer in St. Louis, MO.  There are already plans being put into motion for the premium domain name that should be easy to remember, especially when you want to order pizza in the St. Louis metro area.

From what we can find out, STL.Pizza, will offer online pizza ordering from multiple restaurants in the St. Louis metro area from one website.  Buy online, pay online and then choose either pick up or delivery, if it is available from that particular restaurant.  Additionally, it will offer featured pizzeria’s, coupons, discounts clubs, blog articles about your favorite pizza restaurant, massive social media blast and more features will be announced according to sources close to us.

If you love pizza and frequently order pizza online, STL.Pizza will likely have something for the gourmet pizza lover to the coupon clipper that is looking to feed the family spending as little as possible.  From the sound of things, everybody will benefit from its ease of use and one website to visit to order pizza from a multitude of local pizzeria’s.

STLRestaurant.News have made attempts to find out who the rightful owner is of the unique domain name, STL.Pizza, but sources have assured us that the owner will remain anonymous for, what was described to us as, “obvious” reasons.  While the suspense raises our curiosity, there is little that can be done to uncover the owner of STL.Pizza.

If you are a restaurant or pizzeria that is interested in joining, call the web design firm hired to host, design, optimize and manage STL.Pizza, Kick Ass Domains.  Special pricing for early restaurant participants is available.

Contact information:


Email: [email protected]

Phone: (314) 808-1870