St Louis City – Attorneys during the COVID-19 suspension of face-to-face court sessions

ST LOUIS, MO (STL.News) During the temporary suspension of person to person court sessions due to COVID-19, the City Counselor’s office will continue to accept and process requests for recommendations by all the means listed on the How to Request a Prosecutor’s Recommendation page in the Attorney Information menu except that there will be no in session recommendations.  Mail in requests, walk in requests during the daily 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM office hours, on line through, and bulk recommendations by drop off or appointment will be handled in the usual manner.

The Court will continue to review and approve recommendations and payment arrangements will be provided in the usual manner.  Please remember that requests for recommendations must be sent or delivered to the City Counselor. The Clerk’s office cannot forward any request for recommendation to the City Counselor.  Requests for recommendations sent only to the clerk with an entry will not be processed.

You may continue to send entries of appearance and requests for warrant recalls to the fax number for the Courtroom Coordinator, Andre Harris: (314) 612-1694.  These will be collected twice a day and presented to the Administrative Judge or duty judge for handling.  Warrant recalls by fax on assessed cases are disfavored and are unlikely to be granted.  Remember that is available to check the status of your clients’ case(s). You may still use the systems in the attorney’s room but, if you do, please bear in mind social distancing.

There will be a duty judge in the building, every day from Monday to Friday, if you have a proposed order, a request for an order on a FACT suspension, or other special situation that requires you to speak with a judge.

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