Spain sees an increase in British property buyers since Brexit According to Bromley Estates

MARBELLA, SPAIN (STL.News) – In the 4th quarter of 2018, from October to December, 12.64% of all Spanish properties were bought by people from outside Spain – and 15.54% of these buyers were from the UK.

Similar figures were also reported for Andalucía, with British nationals accounting for the majority (22.49%) of foreign purchases in this specific region for 2018.

Such statistics suggest that Britain is still the biggest foreign market in Spain, with Brexit having very little impact on the number of British citizens showing interest in and buying property.

In fact, since the Brexit vote of 2016, the registry has reported a significant increase in the number of British buyers, with 9116 British sales completed in 2015 and 10166 sales completed in 2018.

Supplying the British demand at Bromley Estates

In line with this new data, Bromley Estates Marbella have also seen a considerable rise in the number of Britons looking to buy a property in Spain since 2016.

Regardless of Brexit, it appears that British citizens are still looking to relocate to Andalucía – particularly Marbella – and have continued to seek the help of property experts to find their dream home in this region.

Bromley Estates is a leading real estate agency in the Costa del Sol and, to supply this rising demand amongst the British, they have endeavoured to keep their property portfolio up-to-date with the latest new-build developments and re-sale homes.

Director and Property Specialist at Bromley Estates, Hayley Bromley, said: “Last year, we helped over 350 international customers succeed in finding their ideal property and we will continue to provide an unrivalled service in this area.

“Now that Brexit has finally happened, the British market in Spain looks set to remain as strong as ever – and, as we head into 2020, we’re prepared for the same steady rise in the number of British clients approaching us for help.”

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