South Dakota Governor Noem Signs Zoning Reform

South Dakota Governor Noem Signs Zoning Reform

PIERRE, South Dakota (STL.News) Governor Noem has signed HB 1094, which simplifies city zoning regulations and eases the permitting process for homebuilders and homeowners in South Dakota.

“South Dakota’s housing market is booming, and that’s tremendous news, but we don’t want home prices to skyrocket as a result,” said Governor Kristi Noem.  “We’re continuing to streamline zoning regulations in our state, this time at the city level.  This will help cost of living remain affordable for South Dakotans.  And it will have the added benefit of spurring housing development to keep up with the folks moving to South Dakota who want to share our freedom and way of life.”

Governor Noem also signed twenty other good-government bills into law:

  • SB 36 authorizes the Department of Human Services to dismantle and demolish the Dakota Hall and the root cellar and restores grounds on the South Dakota Developmental Center campus.
  • SB 57 revises provisions regarding the South Dakota state employee health plan.
  • SB 65 creates an exception to the dual compensation prohibition for state employees for military service.
  • SB 75 corrects an error in a statutory cross-reference within the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.
  • SB 77 requires certain font size for initiated measure petitions and constitutional amendment petitions.
  • SB 86 revises certain requirements regarding the review of initiated amendments to the Constitution.
  • SB 108 revises certain provisions related to cooperatives.
  • SB 111 reduces the fee for permits to carry concealed pistols.
  • SB 123 requires a comment period for the attorney general’s statement regarding initiated measures and initiated amendments.
  • SB 138 provides flexibility for certain municipal budget provisions.
  • SB 142 modifies the meeting place and notice requirements for county commission meetings.
  • SB 145 revises the process of filling vacancies for candidates for elected office.
  • SB 161 revises the qualifications to serve as a trustee of a county road district.
  • SB 168 revises the population requirement for appointment of coroners.
  • SB 184 requires the sorting of absentee ballots.
  • HB 1124 modifies certain requirements concerning the printing of ballots.
  • HB 1127 revises certain provisions regarding official meetings conducted by teleconference.
  • HB 1143 authorizes certain municipalities to offer limited incentives for industrial development.
  • HB 1191 allows an expedited process for local intergovernmental legal disputes.
  • HB 1258 revises certain provisions regarding cosmetology apprentice programs.

Governor Noem has signed 163 bills into law this legislative session.

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