Snapchat rolls out Sky Features

Snapchat rolls out Sky Features

January 1, 2018 (STL.News) It’s a hot battle for winning over the 14 to 21-year-old segment of social media users today, and Snapchat is determined to stay in the lead by continually rolling out new, interactive features that make Snapchats more appealing than Instagram Story posts.  Recently, Snapchat rolled out what are called “Sky Filters,” which transform the apparent sky in any Snapchat taken and sent around the world today.

Snapchat’s latest augmented reality feature is another implementation of the tech that applies to the world, rather than the faces found in frame when you take a picture.  These Sky Filters can automatically detect sky in your images, and repaint them with totally different atmospheric looks.  The finished result is a digital painting that will add an augmented depth to the photos that can’t be achieved on Instagram Stories at this time.

The new filters officially went live a few months ago in both the iOS and Android app stores.  Snapchat stated they will be rotating daily to slot in different effects, including different virtual weather, sunsets, starry skies, rainbows, storm clouds, and other features that will fall under the Sky Filter category.  These new filters are available just like the rest of them – provided that the Snapchat app is able to recognize the sky in the frame.  They’ll show up when one swipes through the available filters along with any others post-capture.

Snapchat continues to roll out augmented reality features within the app as a result of the increasingly popularity of AR and VR in the world today.  Recently, thy released animated 3D Bitmojis that interact with their environment, and the addition of World Lenses earlier this year to add other virtual objects and effects to the world as you see it through your lenses.  Stay tuned for more updates regarding Snapchat AR.


By Alexandra R. Fasulo – published on STL.News by St. Louis Media, LLC (MS)